Executive Members 2018 – 2019

The Rockers Athletic Club greatly appreciates the commitment of our executive members who volunteer their time to keep Rockers Rugby alive! The executive committee encourage feedback and work to identify the needs of the rugby community; Feel free to speak with anyone below!

  • President: Nikki Cloutier
  • Vice President (Development): Lindsey Duxbury
  • Secretary: Jessica Burrows
  • Treasurer: Bethany Piggott
  • Club Captain: Winnie Chen
  • Social and Tour Director: Evan Brunner
  • Bingo and Fundraising Chairperson: Sara Cranston
  • Clubhouse Manager: Jo Reinbold
  • Bar Manager:  Laura James & Hannah Lawson

Nikki Cloutier

Lindsey Duxbury
Vice President

Jessica Burrows

Bethany Piggott

Winnie Chen
Club Captain

Evan Brunner
Social and Tour Director

Sara Cranston
Bingo Fundraising Chairperson

Jo Reinbold
Clubhouse Manager

Laura James & Hannah Lawson
Bar Managers