Starting Team for this week’s game!

2020 U5-U15’s Season.

With the changes that have been announced relating to COVID, the Rockers are creating our Return to Play plan. All AHS precautions will be strictly enforced and we are striving to provide a fantastic family friendly experience for the remainder of the sum

Rugby 101 – Top 5 Things to know about Rugby.

New to rugby? Never even seen the game before? Or are you a veteran player and think you know everything about rugby? Let’s test it out! Pigs donated a lot to rugby – The very first rugby balls were actually made of pig’s bladders. They were

2020 Rockers Season-COVID UPDATE.

We just wrapped up our first IN PERSON executive meeting since March and it was sooo good to see everyone (socially distanced of course!) Plus we got our sweet new gear in AND we are rolling out our Return to Play Plan as soon as we possibly can!! Stay tu

Our Team.

Rockers Athletic Club is a club that was founded in 1977 by women who wanted to play rugby but had limited options on where to play. It remains one of the few Women’s only clubs in North America. We do have mixed gender youth/minis programs ranging